Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Ask 3 before me.

How do we get pupils to be more INDEPENDENT ? Last year my year 7 class were asked to design a website using ‘front page’ this is software I have never used. However, pupils wanted me to have all of the answers to their problems and it struck me how quickly I just give pupils the answer because I’m ‘helping’ them. We introduced the system put forward in books such as The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook (Jim Smith) of ask 3 before me. I made a huge badge with 3 penguins (don’t know why penguins!!) that said 3b4me and explained they were to see if others could help first.
I now have a new year 7 class and yesterday Elliott walked across the classroom to me to ask for the web address of ‘that man reading the book’…actually on the chair next to him, Jack was on the site he wanted. Nathan wanted to know where the headphones were…George is wearing headphones go and ask him?
The class are getting used to the idea of supporting on another but it did worry me that one wrote on an analysis of some work ‘we now know not to bug Mrs Hewitt with mindless questions!!
I spent some time with Hywel Roberts this morning & he introduced me to the idea of ‘SNOT’ – Self, Neighbour, Other, Teacher (makes a great poster)
I have seen it as Brain, Buddy, Book, Boss.
Whichever way you look at it, it’s good that the teacher is not the fount of all knowledge. I look forward to introducing ‘SNOT’ tomorrow 

Story bird on Independent thinking

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  1. Love that idea, especially your last sentence!

  2. Check this out:

    Grade 7
    Thanks for the idea!

  3. Loving it Robin, great picture! :)


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