Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hiring a Photography Studio to work with pupils

Hiring a photography studio isn't as difficult as you might think. It's a great way to provide a body of work for students who are actually studying photography at GCSE or above but also a way of developing themes and ideas.
Many studios allow you to book 2 hour slots and provide everything except the camera. If you are unsure then book through a photographer or artist - me if you you live the South Yorkshire area!
These images are from a session with yr 12 pupils from Campsmount school. All of them walked in rather nervously but every single one said a version along the lines of  'wow this is ace/amazing/can we really use this?'
The nervousness soon evaporated and they worked in pairs to direct one another, source props and produce the images they needed. We even had time for some fun and a dance along to a heavy metal track. Get in touch if you want prices or availability to book a session.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Learning Through a Lens Competition

Learning through a Lens is now printed and available - it has been a real labour of love and I've enjoyed every step of the process. My wonderful publishers Crown House publishing
have offered a copy of this book as the prize for a competition.
To be in with a chance to win this free copy - tweet your image (one of your own photographs if possible) and a quote in answer to the prompt
 'Teaching is...'
to @janeh271 and tag it #learningthroughalens be as creative as you can - think laterally not just literally - have some fun! The competition is open until Fri 25th April - Enjoy!!

Teaching is....Lighting a fire

Teaching is - introducing the world to children

You can buy the book from Amazon HERE

Gallery of entries

@Nneil2 Teaching is making it fun

@just_gilly Teaching is an art

 (photo from other source)

@sargang Teaching is inspiring ordinary people to do extraordinary things like save lives.

@JS0600 Teaching sport is magnificent when done in the shadow of our history.

@LucyLRichards - seeing things from a different perspective

 @cadman_jill - teaching is ...listening

 @mayorion - teaching is enjoyment and pleasure and helping people to learn through what they enjoy.

@rogerbilling - Teaching is learning together, whatever the age.

Teaching is ...opening doors

@Stephen_Logan Teaching is enabling the right conditions for others to flourish, thrive, learn and grow

There were some wonderful entries so thank you to all those who uploaded an image. The winner - due to the combination of a superb image and original explanation is @Stephen_Logan - the book will be with you shortly!


Sunday, 6 April 2014

White backgrounds

This is a special post for my friend Julia aka @theheadsoffice. In order to get a white background on your flower images there are various steps.

1. Use natural light - place your flower in front of the window but place a sheet of opaque plastic (around £2 from paperchase) behind your flower - this will allow light through but effectively cut out your garden shed etc or whatever is outside your window. (Tracing paper may work just as well)

2. Set your metering to spot metering (a rectangle with a dot in) - and focus on the flower itself.

3. Over expose by +1

4. If you still have a slight grey or blue tinge I then correct this in Photoshop (am assuming you may not have this - but apps like snapseed have a lighten/brighten option)

I thought that I had taken a picture of the set up - will do next time I use it.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

..and Finally

Well it has taken nearly 2 years but my book is finally in print!!! I am beyond excited (and relieved) a huge thanks to all at Crown House Publishing.

You can 'see inside the book' and read a sample on Amazon HERE

Images from the book can be bought in various formats from 6x4 prints to posters HERE

I will be running a photography competition shortly for schools to win a copy of my book - this will be announced via twitter in the next couple of weeks.

Many thanks for all your support. A dream that seemed huge at the start --- thank you x