Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Spent some time today just for me! Yes I know that's self indulgent but sometimes you need to recharge your batteries and do something that you love. So I 'Played' with CDs, water drops and a torch - one of the results is below! I know a lot of my friends are tired and struggling at the moment - half term is nearly here - time to recharge x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


It has been a strange 6 weeks! I have taught adults, NQTs, GCSE, year 3,4 and 6! I have been Mrs X the keeper of the diamond, I have met new people, taken photos at 4 weddings in 5 weeks! As well as all of the above I have managed the odd coffee with my mentor Hywel! I have managed to meet and feed my son on a more regular basis...and at times it has felt really strange. I have no one urging me to work other than myself but that has made me work even harder. I have had serious moments of self doubt and will be forever grateful for the support of my wonderful husband and bag carrier!
I have been working on 'branding' and how I present work to my wedding clients, see below.
There is a long way to go but I am getting used to this strange existence.
What is amazing is that whenever I have been feeling doubtful something or someone always appears and makes me feel better. When doubting my photographic abilities, Sal sent me a photo of the canvas they'd had made and displayed in their living room of one of the wedding photos I'd taken - and in an instant your spirits are raised again.
Have to go now as the 'ladies' (see below - sorry in joke) are coming round later for wine! x