Thursday, 26 June 2014

Working with #Littlepeople at Birdwell Primary

Will blog properly later - how creative!

The scene below was created by reception class!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Using little people 2

Using #Little people in the classroom allows for imagination and a great deal of mess at times! The image below was created using freeze gel (for my bad back) a pepper , bath salts (who knew you could still get them?) and a length of bark.

If you want to try using these yourself or even if you want to use my images as a literacy and discussion starter - there is a whole chapter on this in my book 'Learning Through a Lens' 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Experimental photography

I should be writing today! I should be sorting out courses. I should be doing my accounts. I should be doing lots of things but I'm not - I'm playing again! I love experimental photography so decided to do some more CD and water shots. These are so easy to do and the results are different every time. There is a whole chapter in my book Learning through a lens Available here about settings and how to create these.

However, you simple need a CD, black paper, a dark space, a torch and a tripod for your camera.
A long exposure is needed - hence the tripod (or you will get camera shake)
Use manual setting so you can expose for 10 or 15 seconds, F22 (or as high as your camera will go) and ISO 100.

There are tutorials on YouTube if you find it easier to follow a video tutorial  - this is just one example

Following 10 minutes of playing these were a few results

I did read in one of the tutorials that if you put your CD in the microwave it will give it a crackled texture - well the texture is good but I'm not sure I would recommend it! (Kitchen still smells of burning and I only put it in for 2 secs - don't tell Tony!)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Exciting New Courses from ITL

Having spent an amazing week at the Barnsley Teaching and Learning Festival followed by Northern Rocks I wanted to share the new courses that have been put forward by ITL. The whole list can be found here:
This is your chance to work with amazing people - many of whom were at the above conferences - Hywel Roberts, Debbie Kidd, Tait Coles to name just a few.
I'm running a course with Dr Mathhew McFall who wrote Cabinet of Curiosities'

We would love to see you!

3rd October Manchester

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Monday 2nd June - an amazing day

Monday the 2nd of June was an amazing day - teepees, learning buffaloes, friendship and learning all at #barnsleyteachfest - check out the hashtag we were trending above the world cup at one point!

 Saturday morning was a hive of activity - mainly the wonderful team @WCPS who had everything colour coordinated, labelled and under control, not to mention festooned with pop poms.

The teepees in the early morning light - fortunately the weather held!

We had the support of  Dan Jarvis our local MP who is fully supportive of the amazing educators in Barnsley. We heard from three thought provoking key note speakers Richard Gerver, Vic Goddard  and Hywel Roberts (the local lad)

Lots of opportunities to network, learn and think. Local school pupils showing their business ideas, as well as companies sharing resources. 

A huge thank you to the whole team but especially to Julie Tallant - the force behind the day - seen on the left below with Cathy Cross - den builder extraordinaire

To end a wonderful day we had pizza and bucks fizz in tepees! I then arrived home to find that my book had been put forward for a 'People's book prize award' I'm really honoured, excited and 'gobsmacked' - if any of you would be kind enough to vote the link isHERE

Thanks to Cathy for being a one woman marketing machine!

The best Monday I've had for a long time!!