Thursday, 23 December 2010

Storybird for Classroom use.

If I could have a fairy godmother I would want to be able to draw and play a musical instrument. I can however, do neither! What I can do is take a half decent photo and use the tools available on sites such as storybird to support my classroom work. I love the fact that the artists' work on there is so amazing and adaptable. I find it therapeutic and am fast becoming addicted! I've uploaded my latest offering on the six hats thinking introduced by De Bono as well as older works on the PLTs and Bloom's taxonomy etc,
The Thinking Hats on Storybird

Blooming Questions on Storybird

Personal Learning & Thinking Skills The PLT's on Storybird

Independent Thinking on Storybird

Cooperative Learning on Storybird

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  1. Absolutely superb use of Storyboard to support the development of PLTS and other competencies Jane. I've put a link to this post on Campsmount's teaching and learning blog re: using Storybird.

    I hope to embed some of your work their soon. Blooming nice work!

    Jamie P


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