Sunday, 2 June 2013


The last couple of  weeks has put life back into perspective for me. Having been feeling a little 'out of sorts' I decided to try and be positive and write two lists: positives and things worrying me as they happened. Looking at this list now its so trival I'm ashamed. A close friend had a real family tragedy last week and my heart is breaking with them. It made me think about what is important - family and friends, being true to yourself - that's it really. Make decisions that will add to your life, not add stress to it.
Some things are out of our control. We need to accept those (even though at times it is heartbreaking) and use them to give us strength.
Look to the simple things that mean a lot and celebrate every day, be there for one another.

These starlings give us endless pleasure, watching them chasing round and feeding their young is amazing.

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