Saturday, 13 December 2014


This is just a #fun challenge for the holiday period. Inspired by Mark Anderson @ictevangelist who has access to not one but two lego advent calendars and by articles such as Tiny Lego travels here we have decided to issue a challenge.
Basically use a lego figure (or figures) - I've just ordered a flower carrying hippy as I can't find my others! and make them the focus of your christmas photos - visiting relatives, out walking anything - there is only one rule and that is to have fun!
I suggest we use the hashtag #legoholidaychallenge and start now! No limit on posting no restrictions - doesn't have to be everyday - just as and when.
It's a mark of how well my husband knows me that he didn't bat and eye lid when he came back from his walk to find me hunting down lego figures and having to borrow - Abraham Lincoln :) (I'm only 55)

Look forward to sharing your Christmas with you and your lego person - hope my hippy arrives soon - now what shall I call him...:)

Brian the builder gets ready for a night out with friends.

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