Thursday, 14 July 2016

Almost there...

For most teachers the Summer break is within touching distance - so close! I know everyone has a long list of good intentions as to what they will do in the Summer but make sure you take some time for you. To that end I'm going to post random photography challenges that will hopefully encourage you to get those cameras or phones out and look at what is around you. Nothing serious just a bit of fun!

Today is 'Shadows' - as I sat drinking my coffee this morning I noticed some lovely shadows on the ceiling - a quick walk around with my phone and I found several more.

Use a collage app - any will do - I used #Moldiv - then an art filter - I used #Prisma which applies different art styles great fun but addictive

Shadows with art filters

Give it a try and upload to twitter


Lots of photography info and challenges here remember
Learning Through a Lens

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