Saturday, 19 June 2010

Work Life Balance

The work/Life balance is a constant discussion topic in staffrooms around the country but it does seem to be almost the Holy Grail of, it doesn't exist! You never as a committed teacher have the luxury of saying you are up to date! You have never finished marking, researching, planning, reading, reinventing the wheel....Most of the time it's an amazing job but sometimes the price is too high and you have to say that forbidden word 'NO'! The fact that you spend hours on twitter learning new skills to pass on, finding new research to improve the standard of your teaching proves you want the best for those you teach.
This week several thing made me stop and think: sad news, the anniversary of what would have been my eldest son's birthday & the amazing kindness of a group of my year tens who said, 'Are you ok madam, we are a bit worried about you, you know you can always come and talk to us don't you?!' The role reversal of pupils caring about teachers brought tears to my eyes. When I tried to say I was just tired they immediately said, 'well stop doing so much and say no' maybe, just maybe they are right!

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