Friday, 30 May 2014

Stock images - iphone

If you are a photographer you will be aware of stock agencies and the many changes that they have undergone in the last few years. This has never been a 'get rich quick' option for photographers and has become even less so with the advent of phone cameras, digital cameras and the fact that everyone is now capable of sourcing their images in places other than the traditional stock agencies.
A recent development from Alamy one of the larger stock agencies is the introduction of the app 'Stockimo'

This app is really easy to use and you can upload any image taken by an iPhone - the following notes may be of use:
  • Your photos will be rated by 3 people. An average score of between 2 - 4 means that your photo will automatically be accepted.
  • Be careful when answering the questions before uploading - any place or logo or anything that can be identified means you should answer 'Yes' to the question 'Is there any identifiable property in the image' - this means it can be used for editorial but not commercial purposes.
    For example the image above is one of the Gormley statues - and as such is recognisable property and can only be used for editorial purposes as a permission form would be needed for commercial purposes.
  • You do not receive feedback for images which are rejected but after a while you will get a 'feel' for what is acceptable - NB this is different to traditional stock images and from what I can work out - the more creative images work better! The image below, for example was given a '4'

  • You usually receive feedback the same day or within a couple of days (if it's the weekend)
  • You can follow Stockimo on Instagram and Twitter - a #grid of greatness is produced weekly so you can look at images and get inspiration.
It will probably not make me a fortune (if anything!) but it has made me more creative, I take more images with my phone now and edit using apps. You have nothing to lose by registering and certainly it will open your eyes to what can be created with your phone.

There are ideas for apps that you can use in the chapter on iphoneography in my book 'learning Through a lens'

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