Thursday, 21 August 2014

Getting it right

As a parent you want the best for your children. You do your best when they are growing up and your aim is for them to be the best that they can be. This morning was a pivotal moment for me. I love my son and have always been proud of him but this morning he made me cry with pride. If you have read previous posts you will know that our Thomas was born on the 1st Aug - I've copied and pasted Adam's facebook status from this morning - he's grown into a thoughtful, caring young man and a proud dad. Love him to bits x

To the people that have asked, wonderd or have being worried, our beautiful gorgeous baby boy was born with a pre-birth condition called amniotic band anomaly, this basically means when he was first growing in his mum's womb one of the thousands of fleshy bands that support an embryo in the first few weeks got wrapped tightly around his arm causing the blood flow to be cut off. Due to this Thomas was born with a short right forearm and missing his right hand. We were told about this at our 12 week scan so we were fully prepared however what we couldn't prepare for was how within days Thomas used his 'little arm' to pull himself up, hold his bottle, scratch his nose all without a second thought. We are working with a specialist in Sheffield who will provide him with whatever they feel will benefit him whether it be surgery or prosthetics that will enable him to ride a bike, play drums, or just simply grasp our hands, the possibilitys are endless. So there you go with our help and the help of our friends Thomas will grow up to be an absolute legend and remember it's ability not disability that matters x

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