Tuesday, 30 September 2014

International Big Day Out in Brussels

I am fortunate to work with Independent Thinking Ltd and have been to several 'Big Days Out' and know how much fun they are as well as how much sharing and learning actually happens. So when the opportunity to take part in an International Big Day Out came along I jumped at the chance. It's not often you are surrounded completely by like minded colleagues. We may come from different backgrounds, different countries, be a whole range of ages but what we have in common is a love of learning and a desire to communicate that to others.
I laughed so much with the other associates my face hurt at times. I met people who were teachers of all age groups, parents and pupils who all wanted to learn. I loved the way everybody just threw themselves into the workshops with complete abandon. There is something magical about a group of adults lying on the floor arranging 'little people' for a photograph and shouting excitedly 'There's an ant - get the ant!!'

The school grounds were amazing but it's the people who make a 'Big Day Out' special.

There are other Big Days Out - planned
details can be found here

The next one is in Surrey on the 27th November - don't miss out!

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