Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Collages are a great way to display lots of images. There are a variety of apps which will allow you to do this - my personal favourite is #Moldiv as it is easy to use and has some really 'classic' layouts - I'm not a personal fan of clip art type frames and extras - I like clean lines and Moldiv provides this.

There are times however, when I want to use images on my PC. The site http://www.pizap.com/ has a number of templates - all of which are easy to use. (There is an app but this just didn't appeal in its marketing - too messy)

1. Choose your template

 2. Click add photo button (you can select more than one at once)

3. Choose your photos

 4. Save your collage

Having said that I like clean lines I can see  possibilities for the jigsaw layout! 

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