Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Photographs for use in schools and by educators

I really believe that nothing can move people like an image. All photographs are subjective and will mean different things depending upon who is viewing the image.
I have thousands of images and am happy to share some of them.

Images can be used for personal use in the classroom or for education presentations but are not to be used for resale. A credit and tweet or link would be lovely if you use any thanks J x

I was reminded of this following a great post from @SparkyTeaching here about using stock images. I have a page on here with some images already uploaded

There is also a page with quotes posters on here

I have a 365 blog which has hundreds of images - some of which may be of use (although there are hundreds of my grandson too!)

It may well be that you are looking for something specific - feel free to tweet and ask!
My book has got lots of information on using photography in the classroom as well as explaining about Creative Commons usage of images.

has Halloween or Ghost story images :)
Hope to hear from you x

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