Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fresh starts

There is something special about the start of a new school year. A pristine planner, new stationery, laminated display headings. I used to love going into school during the last week of the holidays, catching up with others and pottering around my room. My classroom was described as 'messy' or 'inspirational' there was no in between! I loved having pupils' work up, news boards, working walls, things strung from the ceiling, over doors... The pupils loved it, the staff were divided!

This is a really old image - from about 5 years ago but I loved that classroom (it was originally the girl's changing rooms - hence the high windows)

The link below is to a Pinterest board where I have collected ideas for you to set up staff photo boards with a difference.

Give staff - and pupils a blackboard to write their hopes for what they wish to be or have done by the end of the year!
The next Pinterest board is 'All about me' and has a collection of ideas about getting to know your new pupils.

I love the idea of drawing a camera around your window and using it as a discussion point
(This isn't my image but will happily credit if anyone know who it belongs to)

Remember Learning through a lens  has a whole chapter on Photo challenges and another about using photography to find out 'All about me'

 Sparky teaching has a great post on sourcing images for your classroom  - see above link

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