Monday, 2 December 2013

Creative writing and cooking trays

Year 9 are currently working on creative writing. We have worked so hard on developing settings, characters and plots twists. We understand genre. We've grappled with opening sentences that hook the reader in. We even built set boxes complete with glue, aliens and green salt dough! But to be honest - we are now 'flagging' and need a boost.
I use images frequently and pupils love to ask me questions about my own images - I can physically see their body language change as they lean forward and pore over images, asking questions naturally and spontaneously as they don't see this as 'part of their work' and so they are often more relaxed.
Sitting in my kitchen drinking coffee at the weekend, I had a lightbulb moment - in front of me was my fridge - it's there and I see it but I don't actually look at it any more.

It is covered in photographs but has loads of magnets created using  and my  images. (currently on offer at 9 for around £6)

I bought some cheap baking trays - stimulus for next lesson sorted!

There are obviously many ways of using these:
  • Diamond 9 exercise which do they prefer as a starting point
  • Categorise into Genres
  • Choose three random images - these must be woven into your story
  • One image to give you a setting/1 a character/1 an object 
  • Choose six images - these are your story board - you must now write the story.

I will post the results next week!

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