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With thanks to various people on twitter - namely  @ChocoTzar & @theheadsoffice for introducing me to this idea -  13 positive reflections from 2013 and 14 aims for 2014.

  1. 1.Although we haven't finished quite yet I am sure that we are so close we will all make it - thank you to my 365 friends (@renoonog37 @theheadsoffice @nicoladarling78 for encouraging me and sharing their year! Our 365 project is almost complete and it is wonderful to be able to look back on the year in this way.  It was tough at times but we didn't give up!

Adam with my Christmas present of Rod Stewart's set list.
2. My book - is now written and copy edited but it has been much harder than I thought. When it came back from the copy editor covered in comments and alterations I actually wept and thought that I couldn't do it - but with support from the wonderful team at Crown Publishing I made it - now just waiting for the design process!  You can buy it here!!

@yourvoicedearne - have you bought your copy yet!!

3. My great nephew was born in January - I love him so much - he has brought so much to the whole family!

4. I have been freelance for 18 months now and was asked to go back and work at the Dearne for a couple of days a week just for a term. I had real misgivings and doubts about this for a variety of reasons but I've loved it. I've loved being back in the classroom regularly, loved my form and so enjoyed being part of a team again. Go #teamenglish I've cemented some friendships and made new ones - I will be staying in touch and hopefully working with staff in the new year.

5. Big Days Out - I've been fortunate to work with @ITLWorldwide and attended 2 Big days out - Barnsley & Cardiff. Great fun, great learning and made some new friends! 

6. This brings me to old friends - thanks to the Barnsley crew @Hywel_Roberts @davewhitaker246 @mobo40 @kathrinedavies @beccapaddock @thebenhorbury Teachmeets and sharing!

7. A mention to a special friend here. One of the year's saddest events actually proved to show how amazing some people are. Here's to my friend @elaronndy and her grandson Harry (his family will always treasure his memory) - out of the most tragic circumstances ... Harry's Hope x

8. My mum fell in early Summer - whilst this was a bad thing it did open the doors for us all to admit her problem with dementia and get help - it is so sad to see someone you loved become someone else entirely - to the point she had no idea it was Christmas Day yesterday - this must figure on my aims for next year.

9. I worked on My photography last year, weddings, studio shots, new website, photographs published in Magazines and sold via Alamy.

10. My work with Barnsley Youth Choir has brought me into contact with some amazing young people, volunteers and families, including the Aurin Choir from Hungary (my FB stream is still half in Hungarian)  The final highlight of the year was their Christmas CD for the local Hospice and singing Live on Look North! I am proud to be associated with you even in a small way.

11. I have been fortunate to be asked to support other books this year - including Will Ryan's Assembly book. 
Covers for @Hywel-Roberts and @musicmind's new books too!
I am so fortunate to be in a position to do what I love - a lot of that is down to the support of my long suffering Husband Tony.

12. Tony - I can only be me and do everything I do because he is so supportive!

13. Travel _ I love travel and have this year managed The Fringe in Edinburgh, The Isle of Harris Outer Hebrides &  London.

All of the above has only been possible because of my amazing family and friends (real and virtual!) A special mention to @mariamariamusic for her ever ready ear and being my coffee companion - we will write that guide book!

Aims 2014

1. Avoid imposter syndrome! I am frequently crippled by self doubt - I saw a quote on Pinterest that said 'I'm an acquired taste, if you don't like me acquire some taste!' - need to remember that.

2. Set aside one day a week - whatever is happening or needs doing to work on my photography - get out and take more images, even if it's just getting on a train and wandering around a random town or city for a couple of hours.

3. Health! Continue with weekly Chiropractor visits and try hard to improve the state of my back!

4. Read more - I have the biggest pile of books waiting!

5. Project #Photochallenge52 - should be easier that 365 - all welcome to join PhotoChallenge 52 information here

6. Stop worrying about money - the curse of being freelance - it will work!

7. Work with ITL - fingers crossed for Ghana and Chile

8. Finally meet @thatiangilbert - a long time hero of mine since @hywel_Roberts and I gave his book out to everyone at our first ever course - too many years ago to remember now!

9. @NorthernRocks June7th with @DebraKidd and meeting the wonderful Mick Waters yet again.

10. Working with 'Blooming Curriculum' on her new book - and anyone else who wants photos!!

11. Research dementia, support dad and be more proactive!

12. Big Day Out - Manchester planned, TM - Sheffield planned - need to get out and meet more like minded teachers and educationalists

13. Support BYC in their quest to get to Latvia 

14. Appreciate what I have, start to say no! Enjoy what I'm doing and if I'm not enjoying it - change it!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone - may your hopes and dreams be fulfilled.

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  1. Loved this post, Jane - thanks for sharing. Particularly liked "Enjoy what I'm doing and if I'm not enjoying it - change it!"

    Hope you're having a good Christmas with your friends and family, and that 2014 is a very positive year for you.


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