Monday, 30 December 2013

#PhotoChallenge 52 - The Way I see it

As lots of people have expressed an interest in joining us -welcome everyone! - we have thought about having a Flickr group that we can all upload to. I have created a group and have put details of how to use it below - you will need to DM me your e mail so I can invite you - I've set the limit to 3 per week just to give us some room to add extra image sif we want. I will probably still post on my blog and this is not to tell anyone what to do - just give a place where we can share - you can then share via twitter straight from Flickr.

1. Sign up for a flickr account and UPLOAD images see top right here

2. Drag & Drop images or choose from Computer

3. Add a description and Tags

4. Upload to your photostream

5. Once you are a member of the group - The Way I see it it will appear in your groups lists - found under communities tab


Click ADD PHOTOS - see highlight above

7. Click the photo you want to add

8. It automatically adds it to the box at the side click ok
9. You can leave a comment or share to twitter etc

Once uploaded to the group it will be easy to see everyone's photos and comment underneath.

I really hope this makes sense!!
I am not trying to tell everyone what to do - just trying to find a way to make this as easy as possible - please let me know what you think xx

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